Members Message


Dr. Pradeep Baba Madhok (President)

The legacy bestowed upon me of upholding, energizing and accelerating the fame, acclaim and credentials of the DALIMSS Sunbeam Schools has been a matter of commitment through Duty, Devotion and Discipline. These tenets have enhanced and stimulated the balanced mental, physical and holistic growth of students entrusted to us by the Guardians. With our thrust on Quality, each parameter is given commensurate attention. Highly qualified, experienced and trained Educators ensure development of individual students in consonance with the need of the times. The confidence reposed by Guardians is the outcome of faith and goodwill earned by ensuring the highest standards of knowledge, skills and character followed by commensurate success .The adoption of Digital platforms for communication and teaching - learning through hybrid online/ offline media helped us tide over and conquer every challenge .The recognition and honours earned Internationally, Nationally and locally are truly gratifying as they are an acknowledgement of the collective effort and collaboration of our team of Educators, Guardians and worthy Students. We hope to scale greater pinnacles ahead with your unstinting support.


Pooja Madhok (Director)

Knowledge and continued learning are the mainstays that have carved out a place for DALIMSS Sunbeam Group of Schools and Hostel in Varanasi and Eastern Uttar Pradesh.We are committed to focus on the recent advances in Pedagogy utilizing the best of modern technology to impart and impact education.The DALIMSS Sunbeam Group of Schools has emerged as a vital agency for transformation of the limitless talent, energy and creativity of the young generation towards Nation Building and embedding values of Global Citizenship. We have embarked on the Mission of fulfilling the life goals of our students vide the latest Knowledge Management tools and techniques to garner long-term competencies and success. We will continue to evolve in tune with the fast track Academic Globalization to accomplish the guiding Vision of the famous Educationists and Founders .


Maahir Madhok (Additional Director)

The DALIMSS Sunbeam Group of Schools and Hostel has covered 50 years journey of providing Quality Education to the children of Eastern U.P. and emerged as forerunners in the Educational circuit.The strenuous and incessant undertaking of making it a Premier Centre of Learning and Education in the fields of Science, Commerce, Humanities and Languages is the appreciable teamwork of its Educators.The performance graph of our students has shown a steady incline in the results year after year. We feel immense pleasure to find the skills and competencies of our students' achievements getting due recognition in multiple professional and business avenues. 'Yaadgar' the Alumni Portal bears testimony to many a success story. We seek the continued cooperation and collaboration of our Guardians and Students in carrying forward this legacy of imparting the most innovative and effective Education and shaping futures.


Alisha Madhok (Additional Director)

Dear Parents, Students and Learners we were always attracted to the thought - Home is the first school and School is the second home. In fact, today it has come true. The Corona virus has altered our life including our school system, teachers, children and parents. Let's avoid the negativities and look into positivity. Our homes have become schools and parents have become teachers too. Unimaginable! But it's a fact we have to live with now and invariably it is happening- whether we are rich or poor, far or near. E- Learning has emerged as the best way of imparting education. It gives us great joy to meet you all through this platform, a great way to communicate and be creative. Our main focus and interest is to give the highest standard of education in different fields to all age groups. We thank all who contributed to this endeavour. Be assured that the management, teaching and non-teaching of the DALIMSS Sunbeam Group of Schools is working towards making the future of education self-reliant. We will not leave any stone unturned in educating our learners.