MANIFEST-2018, 3rd Surinder Bala Interschool Art Festival on 15th of October 2018 (Download Here).



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Sir/Madam, You are aware that the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation has been implemented successfully in all CBSE affiliated schools . One of the features of Contininous and Comprehensive Evaluation, the life Skills, has come to occupy the important stage in the classroom. Through not a new concept in educational dynamics, Life Skills have become an integral part of teaching and learning.
CBSE is taking initiatives to strenghthen the implementation of CCE scheme. The workshop that you have attended during your In-Service course program is once among such initiatives. In the view to keep our efforts sustained and to support you in better student learning, we would like you to fill in your details as under :

1. Contact Details :

Name :
Category :
Date of Birth :
Gender :
Designation :
School Name :
Address :
State :
School is situated in :
Contact Number(School) :
Contact Number(Personal) :
Email :
Experience (in years)
Sr. Secondary Level :
Secondary Level :
Below Secondary Level :

2. ICT Skills Level

3. Communication Skills


4. Ability to accept challenges

5. List our three ways/best practices which you think that the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme can be effectivily implemented in Schools.