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About The School

DALIMSS Sunbeam School (Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat Memorial Sunbeam School) was founded by the Late Mrs. Deesh Ishrat a visionary and educationist, in the memory of distinguished scholar Late Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat.
Today that seed has blossomed into a veritable giant tree of knowledge. The School and its many Branches together testify that under the able guidance and endeavour of Dr. Pradeep 'BABA' Madhok - President and Mrs. Pooja Madhok - Director, the school is striding ahead towards a greater growth and development, reiterating its position as the most eminent academic institution in the region.
DALIMSS Sunbeam School (Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat Memorial Sunbeam School) , with branches at ROHANIA, SIGRA,, RAMKATORA, MOHINIKUNJ, PAHARIA, TODDLERS N KIDS (RAMKATORA) is the acknowledged leader amongst academic institutions of Varanasi.
A school that upholds the rich Legacy of learning and enviable reputation for excellence that the main branch Rohania is already famous for.

Desk Of President

Dear all,
This is to inform one and all that the DALIMSS Sunbeam School (Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat Memorial Sunbeam School) Chaubeypur is not our branch, they are self-proclaiming our name and goodwill which has been built by the Madhok family for over 40 years. Dr Amrit Lal Ishrat Memorial Sunbeam Schools was founded in 1997 by our mother Mrs. Deesh Ishrat the founder of Sunbeam Schools in memory of our father late Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat. I urge one and all to take note of our statement that the DALIMSS Chaubeypur is not a part of our schools. We have already initiated legal process to stop this.

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What Parents Say

Hello, “Dalimss Toddlers” is one of the reputed & known school of the city,Varanasi. I am fortunate that my daughter is being educated here. This school gives all the necessary lessons to the child to which they have to be aware in day-to-day life. Teachers, here are very helpful and supportive to the parents as well as to the students. They understand the child in their way. They teach the student in different ways like playing, entertaining or visually also. They make the child active and self dependent also.

Dr. Pooja Srivastava

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My daughter is studying in this school from class VII earlier she had stage fear, but after coming in this school she is able to overcome stage fear. She can express her thoughts and ideas freely anywhere and in front of anyone. DALIMSS SUNBEAM WORLD SCHOOL Paharia is responsible for overall development of my child. The teachers are very helpful and encouraging. I am fully satisfied by the school and progress of my daughter. I would like to give the credit of her success to the complete teaching staff.

Mr. Anil Singh

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I am Dr. Meraj Bano.Two of my kids are studying at “ Dalimss Toddlers, Ramkatora”.One in Playgroup and other in U.K.G. I have a very good experience about this school regarding teaching and other caring concern of my children. Other than teaching books and subjects , this school also gives a lot of etiquette sessions, good fun learning activities to kids ,which I like most when comparing to other schools. School digitalization through internet is also very favorable for kids and parents.

Dr, Meraj Bano

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The best school in Varanasi, run by an incredibly, loving warm team of teachers and staff members. The academics of the school is too good. Everyday my son “Vinayak” is very excited to go to school to learn new things. In the last 2 years my son learns a lot and made a good Again I would like to say “Sunbeam World school” is the best school in our area.

Mrs. Anshu Seth

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