Healthy Baby Show to be held on 18th February, 2018 at DALIMSS Sunbeam Ramkatora (Click Here To Read More) CUT-OFF LIST OF ENTRANCE TEST FOR SESSION 2018-19.        

President's Message

PRESIDENTPradeep Baba Madhok

DALIMSS Sunbeam Group of schools creates an academic situation to encourage stimulate and support the students for balanced, mental growth and advancement. We again, expect you to devote all your time and energy to do still more better in academics. Our students did fairly well in sports on all India level and won many medals and prizes, in academics we hope DALIMSS students will excel others in 2014 Board results. For this academic session, our thrust area is the development of our children's language skills as well as their general awareness. So quite strictly, we shall adhere to the use of the English language with the children in and out of the classroom. This really means that better listening and speaking skills of every single child will be required to be developed in the school. For Convenience of the parents we give “ON-LINE HOME-WORK", also, exposure to more "AUDIO-VISUALS","DIGI CLASSES" and conversation on general subjects will be accelerated. Wish you all a great success.

Director's Message

DIRECTOR Pooja Madhok

Knowledge and continuous learning is the mainstay among the best schools today. Varanasi has ventured to focus on education using the recent advances in the area of modern technology. DALIMSS Sunbeam Group of schools has become a vital agency of transformation especially to ha1rness the limitless energy and creativity of our fast growing young students for nation building and also to inculcate in them the values of global citizenry. We at DALIMSS Sunbeam provide latest educational trends and give opportunity to students and equip them to face the real life situations. We expect our students will be competent enough to accept the new opportunities for all round development and technological proficiency to cope up with the information age. Let us continue the fruitful efforts in achieving the objectives and mission of the school in order to fulfill the vision of the famous educationist and founder of the school. In the fast track academic globalization, we need to inculcate modern education to cope up with the trends of mobilization in education.

Additional Director's Message

AST. DIRECTOR Maahir Madhok
(Additional Director)

I feel immense pleasure to see that the wisdom of our children is getting exposure regularly through their writings, the need of the hour is to direct the energy of young minds for creativity and originality. The best way to inculcate values is to inspire the students by providing good role models. It is always the quality and value based education in our schools that helps youngsters to bloom in the academics properly and systematically. It is always fascinating to see young minds strengthening the bonds of life through modern and innovative education. I appreciate the team work of our teachers for their strenuous undertaking of making DALIMSS Sunbeam as one of the premier centre of learning and education. English has an international recognition in the world of science, commerce, arts and multimedia. The whole world has been converted into a small village. Keeping in mind the global situation, DALIMSS Sunbeam Group of Schools, Completes its 40 years journey of providing quality education to the children of Eastern U.P. We anticipate full co-operation and co-ordination from all Parents/Guardians, staff and students related to the school. We again promise to provide all infrastructures for world class growth and development of your word with high-profile educationists as teachers at DALIMSS Sunbeam School, Rohania, Varanasi. We have recently tied up with two international Organizations British council & Face to Faith for International Student’s Exchange Program. ra

Principal's Message

(Principal,Dalimss Sunbeam , Rohania)

DALIMSS SUNBEAM COMMUNITY is warm and friendly and offers the highest standards of pastoral care. Having developed its reputation for high quality holistic education over almost more than a quarter of a century, today’s school has more than 10000 students, aged 3-18 at Rohania and associate branches. This is an inclusive school, but academic standards are high. The English medium Curriculum provides the basis for smooth progression and easy transition between the primary and secondary sectors, and examination results have been outstanding in recent years. Our experienced teachers are consummate professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all students are offered the opportunity to fulfill their potential both in and beyond the classroom. We are justifiably proud of our academic performance, but at DALIMSS SUNBEAM education means much more than the pursuit of top grades. Academic, Sport, Music and the arts are central to what we offer here, and we are acutely aware of our obligation to equip young people to make their way in the world as confident, caring and responsible global citizens. Good schools are built on the efforts of good people, and I believe that our Management, teachers and students are among the very best We would be delighted to meet you.